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Our Digital Marketing Strategy Plan


We perform a complete analysis of our website. This analysis is a key function of our constructive SEO services, we test and analyze the website’s performance concerning speed, traffic, and competition.


We take words very seriously, specially Keywords. Our special analytical software and Marketing Experts go through over 1.3 million keywords to find the best ones for you!


Under On-Page SEO or Optimization, a variety of tasks have been performed on the website to improve its search ranking position.


Off-Page SEO refers to activities that take place outside the website to evaluate the ranking and website position. Off-Page SEO takes place beyond the domain, unlike On-page.


Finally, to get your desired result, we will do Off-Page SEO, including SEO tactics like outreaching and link building. It will boost website authority and power to beat your competition.


We will do comprehensive competition analysis, so you know where your website lacks the On-page SEO and on which keywords your competitor is betting on.

Looking for increased ROI? We got you covered.


Ranking at the top of the organic search results of Google, Bing, and other search engines is vital for businesses to gain leads and conversions in the online digital world. SEO is about increasing the quantity and, more importantly, the quality of traffic to your website by ranking high in the top search engines’ organic search results.


We deep-dive into your business and understand what people are searching for online, the information they are seeking, the keywords they are using, and what content they are looking to consume. Knowing what information they are searching for allows us to connect your business with the people looking for your products and services.


SEO is that it is a continual process. SEO, unlike PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing, does not yield immediate results. Generally, it takes several weeks for your website to start climbing the search results and may even take months if trying to rank with highly competitive keywords. Once you reach the places you want to be, SEO doesn’t just stop. The effort and momentum you have and your ROI (Return on Investment) will slowly go away if you do not maintain an ongoing SEO strategy.

Quality SEO Services to boost the Organic Traffic on your website

Intend Change can make the difference. We have worked with hundreds of clients and their SEO needs. We worked through Google’s ever-changing algorithm over the years and have developed tried-and-true SEO practices and solutions that help our clients increase their online presence, revenue and maximize ROI.


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